Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2, 2011

Celebrate that the love energy that sustains the universe also flows through you! We are not simply randomly placed in our portion of space, to live and to “die” in some meaningless flash of molecules clinging to each other to create a form that breathes and moves with no more intent than a speck of dust. We are parts of stars, and mountains, and the oceans. We express hope, and love, and dreams that reflect the hopes, and love, and dreams of the Creative Spirit.  Each of us is here for a purpose. Each of us fits into the cosmic puzzle that is the universe and if even one piece is out of place, the picture is incomplete and imperfect. You are an integral part of the whole, of the One, of the All. The same love energy that is the Creative Spirit that created all that is, created you, shining as a reflection of the light of the stars. Namaste!

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