Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29, 2011

When we are incarnate, it seems that often the same force that confines our spirit in the physical, also has the potential to confine our thoughts and actions in that which is commonly referred to as “the box.” When we decide that society’s norm must be our own in order to conform and thus be accepted, we often find ourselves shelving our dreams, ideas, aspirations, and creative voice in favor of “fitting in.” Actually, we thus are fitting into (or cramming ourselves into) a box that confines our spirit, which is, after all, here to enjoy the widest experience possible by exploring that area outside of this confining box. Thus do we discover and determine our spirit’s intended path. When we begin to “think outside of the box,” we set our spirit free to discern its true path in the interdependent web. Namaste!

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