Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24, 2011

Within the All, whether incarnate or discarnate, we know each other, even if we lack this awareness on the conscious level. Everyone who walks into our lives is someone we already know. Sometimes this knowledge at the time of meeting again for the first time slips beyond the radar of recognition. We say hello and remain unaware that there is already a connection that may go back over many incarnations and on many planes of existence. Other times, meeting someone new seems like having an old friend suddenly appear again in our environment. The greeting is one of joy and elation. Our friend who we did not know we were missing is once again with us. Sometimes, when we suddenly feel a longing for an unnamed other, that other person is experiencing the same feeling. Through the interdependent web, we are led to meeting again via the ever-connected, ever-guiding energy of love. Namaste!

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