Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28, 2011

Spirit intuitives are aware of spirit on both sides of the veil. While they can serve as a medium, who primarily communicates with discarnate spirits, they can also touch in with spirits who are incarnate. Sometimes this means simply recognizing the physical or emotional state of another person, but it also can involve serving as an empath, one who physically, mentally, or emotionally feels the need of another person and then serves as a conduit of healing or comfort. Both spirit intuitives and mediums are often called upon to serve during paranormal investigations and will help lost spirits to find their way to the other side of the veil. They are also able to help a sitter discern aspects of his or her life path. Until we evolve as spiritual beings able to communicate while incarnate, mediums and spirit intuitives can help facilitate communication between spirits. Namaste!

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