Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12, 2011

When you have attained a lesson, mastered a concept or understanding of this world in which we exist at this moment, it is appropriate for you to share this knowledge. The Creative Force informs us to use creativity to express our experiences on this plane. Even if you are not a master musician or artist of some sort, remember, few are so gifted with such a high level of ability. Yet, you are able to creatively share, if not through the arts, then through your actions—you can help to create a new paradigm. Have you learned kindness from the action of another? Then share kindness with those around you. In a time of need, did you receive compassion and learn from its tender embrace? Then turn around and share compassion, reaching your heart to aid a person in need. And, when you have learned selfless love, send forth from your heart that energy that flows freely across the interdependent web. Namaste!

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