Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17, 2011

When we act alone to salve a situation, it is like a drop of water, trying to quench the thirst of a wilting flower. It might make the moment better, but, in the long run, one drop will only prolong the flower’s misery. When we come together and shower the flower with many drops of water, the flower revives and thrives and can, in turn, share its beauty and fragrance with the All. When we join together to create change, all things are possible . . . the sick are healed, the sad are given solace, the bereaved are comforted, the downtrodden are lifted up. When we work together for a common purpose, mountains can be moved or reduced to mole hills once again. Joining together in harmony, peace, and love, we can change the world. Namaste!

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