Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April 19, 2011

The spirit of the earth and the spirits of those who inhabit her are intricately interwoven. She is here to sustain us and we are here to care for her. When we maintain respect and gratitude for her many gifts, we find that we work towards the mutual goal of growing our spirits within this physical plane. When we ignore her and pollute beyond her capacity to clear that pollution, we put both the earth and ourselves in the way of peril. We would not like it if someone came into our home and tossed garbage all over the floor, burned substances that released noxious gases, and befouled our water supply, and yet that is what so many of those who live on the earth are doing to the planet with no regard to future generations. We need to start recognizing our bond with the earth, and live up to our ancient agreement to live with her in reverence and peace. Namaste!

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