Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1, 2011

May Day! A day full of the promise of lush and verdant days ahead. This is the time to plant the seeds of future endeavors, to decide, metaphorically, radishes or blueberries. What dreams are we going to pursue in this time of all choices and all possibilities? It is time to examine our personal garden and decide what we want to plant and nourish and what it is time to pull and discard. Are we finding the ground hard and rocky and not suitable to sustaining our goals? Then, we need to become more mindful and open to create a more fertile environment for our growth in this lifetime. This is the time to take time to study our internal landscape and weed out ideas that have outlived their usefulness. It is time to consider new ideas and aspirations and plant these firmly in our minds and nurture them over the days to come, the days of promise and growth. Now is the time to find and nourish our spiritual gardens with the energy and light of love. Namaste!

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