Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10, 2011

When spirit speaks to us, we need to remember that they do not have the same tools with which to communicate that we do. They normally are unable to use social media or text or use a telephone. In addition, they are communicating through a form of telepathy and, if they are able, telekinesis, the ability to move objects in the physical world. Unless we are attuned to these forms of communication, we often miss or ignore the messages. Although the messages we receive may seem confused and lacking in clarity, spirit uses whatever they can to try to get a message through. When we suddenly become aware of a particular odor associated with a loved one, a particular perfume or cologne, we can rest assured that a person in spirit is trying to get our attention. When we receive impressions of words and thoughts that simply do not seem as though we are creating them, it is most likely someone in spirit communicating with us. Are keys moved out of place, an item gone missing, a rose blooming on a special day? Then spirit is trying to communicate with us and we should respectfully stop and listen. Namaste!

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