Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25, 2011

We seek for signs to prove that there is something greater than what we are and that that something can assuage our fears about our reality on this plane and what happens when we leave the physical plane. If the sign does not fit into our concept of what constitutes a spirit communication, we ignore it, even if it fulfills our need for confirmation. If I am typing a blog about signs and suddenly one of my dad’s favorite songs begins to play, I could say it is a coincidence, or I could recognize it as a sign that he is checking in from the other side of the veil as confirmation of the ideas I am being encouraged to share. By examining the context, content, and timing of signs, we can begin to realize their validity. By accepting the validity of spirit communication, we are able to more readily give up fear and embrace life. Namaste!

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