Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011

In the space of a moment, our lives can change. We can misplace the car keys and miss an important meeting. We can turn right instead of left and find a new and delightful environment, or walk into a situation of peril. We can win the lottery or lose our home. When we live in mindfulness of our self in relation to the larger world, we can remain prepared for whatever comes our way, knowing that our lives are unfolding in the manner we planned to provide us with the lessons we need to learn. Losing a job, for example, can be frightening and distressful, but when we react in the moment from a place of calm, we can ask, with open and hopeful anticipation, what door is now opening to me? What am I learning through this experience and what am I to do next to best serve my spirit and the spirits around me? When we await the answer with an open heart, we realize we are in all things informed by the omniscient Creative Force that sustains us through the energy of love. Namaste!

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