Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11, 2011

When we call on spirit for help, we are also calling on our own spirit to come forth and raise our awareness so we can adjust to meet any challenges we are facing. While an individual spirit is capable of knowing the need and what is required to meet that need, the larger community of spirit that exists in the Creative Force is always available to reach across the spiritual or physical veil. We may not know where our help comes from, for the spirit providing solace or guidance may be on our own plane or another, or even within. When we ask for help and truly listen for guidance, and then feel a shift in our alignment to a challenge, we know that we are being helped. We are being guided to take a step back and shift our perspective and see that our challenges, though these may appear great, are in the moment and are surmountable. Our challenges invite us to seek the support of spirit and, in doing so, enter into communion with the Creative Force. Namaste!

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