Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30, 2011

When we realize we possess the gift of awareness, we are filled with a joy that surpasses earthly joy. It is spiritual joy. It is knowing we are part of the larger dance of joy that is expressed and expanding across the interdependent web and has been doing so since the Creative Force actualized the idea of love. This joy fills the very core of our being where our spirit lives while we are living on the physical plane and it reaches out towards others, inviting them to join us in the dance. When we allow ourselves to feel and celebrate the bountiful blessings of the universe, which shower upon us as a soft and refreshing spring rain, in gold and silver sparks of love, we feel our spirit not as a separate entity, but as a part of the All. When we share our awareness of spiritual joy with others, we offer them a path to finding that love energy within themselves. Namaste!

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