Friday, March 25, 2011

March 25, 2011

When we work to promote and sustain the greater good, we serve the Creative Force by acting through the energy of love. Anything that we do to grow peace, hope, faith, and joy in others moves us closer to actualizing our own best selves and raises the world’s paradigm to a higher level. In service to others, we create connections that are stronger than steel and that exist beyond time. When we allow the voices of hate, distrust, destruction, and prejudice to permeate the air around us, our own vibrations react to the tinge of negativity. When we raise our voices to promote peace and cooperation, we are able to overwhelm that dark sound with the brightness of our loving harmonies, and our auras glow with the light of love. We do not exist alone, as separate beings. We are integral aspects of the Creative Force, and as such have a duty to act in love and kindness. Namaste!

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