Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18, 2011

In the space between lives, when we are preparing for yet another walk upon the earth, we are asked to separate ourselves from the larger community of spirit, to seek solitude in which to contemplate our next physical plane life. We start by examining what we know and who we have been and done and we become aware of that which our spirit still needs to learn to fulfill our purpose within the interdependent web. This between time can be daunting and sometimes disorienting as we leave the comfort of the familiarity of the spirit plane and wait for our return to the physical realm, which now appears before us as the unknown. Even though we have been incarnate before, we seem to forget that reality, just as when we are on the physical plane, we tend to forget that there is another home that is ours. With the help of guides and teachers on both sides of the veil, our transition between states of being becomes a celebration of reuniting with loved ones. Namaste!

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