Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

When walking, walk. When baking bread, bake bread. When sipping tea, sip tea. When we concentrate on that which we are doing when we are doing it, we are living in the moment, mindful and aware. This awareness allows us to experience now while consciously acting in that moment. By paying close and intimate attention to whatever we are doing, we enter into a connection with the interdependent web and, thus, with the reality in which spirit exists. For spirit, whether incarnate or discarnate, now is the only time that exists. But for spirit incarnate, it requires effort to focus on that moment, and for spirit discarnate, it is simply the manner of being. This is why, when speaking with discarnate spirit, time seems to exist in flux, rather than linearly. They try to speak in terms of time that incarnate spirit can understand, so the now they are speaking of may be 30 years ago or 10 minutes in the future. When spirits speak with each other across the veil, by remaining mindful, we can share the camaraderie of existing in the ever evolving now. Namaste!

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