Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15, 2011

How do we talk to spirit? How can we communicate with a loved one who exists now on the other side of the veil? We simply speak and then listen with the ears of the heart. The voice that is not our voice and the words that are not our words will enter into our minds through the spirit that we are, making the communication unmistakable. If we create a dialogue over time, we will begin to understand that their desire to speak with us is as great as ours to speak with them. To track this ongoing dialogue, you can keep a spirit communication journal. Write down your questions and thoughts and then listen. Write down what you hear, what you sense, even faintly. Over time you will begin to see that there is, indeed, a conversation occurring. Speaking with spirit is an act of love and it is through the love energy that we continue our relationships with our loved ones until we are together again on the same side of the veil. Namaste!

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